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Training Advice

Training Advice

Just signed up for your first Reading Half Marathon? Congratulations, you've chosen a great race! 13.1 miles is a formidable distance and a challenge that's worth celebrating. But if you're new to running or returning after a break, there are a few things you need to consider before hitting the start line to ensure your race goes as smoothly as possible.

Getting started

If you're a total beginner or retuning after a break, make sure you build your mileage up gradually. Trying to do too much too soon could result in injury, so aim for a 10% mileage increase per week. Try these half marathon tips to get you started.

Get kitted out

Perhaps the most important thing you will need for your first race is a comfortable and professionally-fitted pair of running shoes (and a sports bra for the ladies). A good pair of trainers will stand you in good stead for your first half marathon and beyond. For help choosing the right shoes, click here. Once you've got your kit sorted, you can focus on the half marathon ahead.

Follow a training plan

Sticking to a half marathon training plan will not only maximise your performance, it will also motivate you to succeed. Click here to find the perfect training plan to suit your needs.


If you're keen to lose weight, get fit, or run your first long distance race, a healthy diet goes hand in hand with exercise. For runners, food is fuel and holds the key to athletic performance. Your body will use up its glycogen stores (the energy you need to keep on running) after approximately 90 minutes of exercise, so it's important to fuel up before your run and experiment with energy gels or mid-race snacks to keep you moving. Click here for half marathon diet and nutrition tips.

Get up to speed

Once you're feeling confident about your half marathon goals, it's time to focus on your speed. Read these expert tips on running your fastest half marathon. Learning to run faster will not only benefit your health and your waistline, it will make the race go quicker to boot!

Connect with fellow runners

Chatting to likeminded runners is not only great for motivation and support, running buddies will make you much more likely to achieve your half marathon dreams! From online pals to real life running partners, a running buddy is a friend for life. Click here to join The Running Bug and start making running friends today.

Good luck!

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