Cancellation FAQs

Dear Runner,

Firstly we would like to say thank you again for all of your support and kind words since the cancellation. After a year of planning the team are devastated that the race had to be cancelled, it was not a decision which we took lightly and in the week leading up to the race we did everything in our power to keep the race on for all our runners, charities, volunteers and partners – but in the end mother nature beat us. It has been a very difficult time and we are doing our utmost to answer all your queries as quickly as possible, however please bear with us as the team are still extremely busy.

We will update this page as and when we have any news so please check back regularly if you can't see the answer you are looking for.


When will I receive my £40 e-voucher?
All e-voucher codes were emailed on Sunday 8th April.
If you haven't received yours, please follow the instructions below:

1. Check your spam/junk folder.
2. Have you requested a deferral?
If you have and your deferral has been accepted you won't receive an e-voucher as well.
3. If you entered using the same email address as someone else, the system deletes duplicate emails to ensure you don't receive the same email multiple times during the lead up to the race.
This is easy to fix please contact us via email at
4. Email stating the email address you used to enter the race.

Please bear in mind the emails are still extremely busy following the cancellation so you may not receive a reply straight away – we will get back to EVERYONE. Thank you.

Can I spend the £40 Sports Direct e-voucher in Sweatshop?
Yes, you can spend the voucher in Sweatshop.

Can the e-voucher be used in store?
Yes, in Sweatshop or Sports Direct.

How long have I got to use my e-voucher?
24 months.


Will I get a discount off the 2019 race?
Yes all 2018 participants will receive a special discount off the Early Bird price. When we open for entries we will email everyone details.

When will the 2019 race be open for entries?
Once we have answered all your queries and processed everything we need to for the 2018 race we will open next year. An announcement will be sent out when the race opens.

Medals and T-shirts

Can my medal be posted?
Unfortunately, we are unable to post a medal to every runner, we are very sorry for this. Sadly, we do not have the facilities or infrastructure. We have, however, arranged for a limited number of medals to be collected from the Reading Sweatshop store. Please call the shop on 0844 332 5605 before travelling to ensure there are medals available.

We are still working hard to secure other medal collection points.

I paid for a race T-shirt but didn't receive it in my race pack.
Please email with your full name and race number and we will make every effort to send your T-shirt to you.

What will Sweatshop be doing with the unused/collected T-shirts?
Guide Dogs for the Blind have collected a lot of the unused T-shirts, as they had planned to be on the start line to collect discarded clothes, we were keen to make sure they didn't miss out.

Do we have to run to receive a goody bag and a medal?
No. We are offering all runners who hoped to run on Sunday the opportunity to pick up their medal and goody bag at the Reading Sweatshop store.

Refunds and Deferrals

Will I receive a refund on my iTab?
Yes all iTab purchases have already been refunded in full. If you have not received your refund by Wednesday 28th March please email

Will I receive a refund on parking?
Yes all official car parking purchases have already been refunded in full. If you have not received your refund by Wednesday 28th March please email

Will I receive a refund on the Reading Chronicle Results Supplement?
Yes all results supplement purchases have already been refunded in full. If you have not received your refund by Wednesday 28th March please email

Can I defer my race entry to 2019?
Please click here to find out more about our deferral policy.

Will I receive a refund on my race entry?
Like a lot of mass participation events our Terms & Conditions state that race entry is non-refundable, even under cancellation.

In order to keep the cost of our event as low as possible, we have always operated a no refund policy in the event of cancellation. The costs to stage such a large event are enormous and will still have to be paid despite the cancellation.

In the light of day we understand this is not ideal for the reality of an actual cancellation, regardless of how remote the chances may be, and we will be reviewing this in the future. We appreciate that there are a lot of very disappointed runners and are doing our utmost to support and respond to everyone.

In light of this our friends from Sports Direct have offered to send everyone who was expecting to run in Sunday's race a £40 e-voucher, for which we are very grateful. These will be sent to all runners over the next couple of weeks and can be used in either Sports Direct or Sweatshop.

Communication and Updates

I'm not receiving emails and updates?
As a race entrant it is important that we are able to communicate vital information to you, however if you have unsubscribed from our mailing list you will NOT be receiving important updates and offers. This is not because we don't have your details, we are simply not allowed to email you by law.

Please email to be re-subscribed to ensure we can communicate with you and that you receive important information, updates and offers (including your £40 voucher).

Future Race Date

Will the Half Marathon be rescheduled later in the year?
We are very sorry but due to the logistics and complexity of the route and the time it takes to plan such a large event it will be impossible to reschedule, even though we would love to. The team work tirelessly throughout the year to bring this event together and the last thing we want is to let you our runners down and see all the hard effort of the extended team, our amazing volunteers and supportive partners go to waste.

The Green Park Challenge however, as announced on Saturday 17th March, was postponed and we will confirm the alternative date as soon as possible.

Green Park Challenge and Schools Challenge

Will the rescheduled Green Park Challenge be open for new entries?
At this time no, we have however rescheduled a fun run for everyone who had already entered and received their Green Park Challenge race packs for Sunday 3rd June 2018.

If you were signed up for the Green Park Challenge and have not received a RSVP email to confirm your attendance for June 3rd, please email

Will the Schools Challenge element still be part of the fun run?

Charity Information

I have donated or run for a charity, will they give the money back for people who have been sponsored?
Each charity's process will be different, however we will be working with our charity partners to understand this.

Other Queries

Virtual run
The Virtual Reading Half Marathon is not arranged by us. They are a separate organisation who have lots of virtual runs on their website for people to enter. The entry fee goes to Virtual Runner UK with 20% going to Cancer Research UK.

Entries to the Virtual Reading Half Marathon via Virtual Runner are still open, you can sign up at

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