Pace Makers

Pace Makers


Our team of pacemakers at the Reading Half Marathon will be provided by George Anderson from

Getting your pace right in a half marathon is crucial to your overall performance and enjoyment of the race.

Here are his three top tips for perfect pacing on race day.

It's far more enjoyable and motivating being the one who does the overtaking!

All along the course there are mile markers at the side of the road. If you know your target time you can work out your average pace per mile, and then check your progress at each mile marker.

If you've gone out a bit quick for the first mile or two, slow down for the next one to get yourself back on track. Don't try and get time "in the bank" early on because it's like making a deposit, you'll lose far more than you gain.

Our team of 15 pacers will be running even mile splits at 5 minute increments between 1:20 and 2:30:

The Pacers are all friendly boys and girls, so if you want a bit of extra help, introduce yourself to them on the start line they will do their best to get you round within your target time.

As well as the above pace makers there will also be a number of 'Motivational Runners' who will be running slower than a 2:30 pace. They will be floating around the route offering words of encouragement and tips on how to stay strong mentally, for anyone who needs it.

It really does make a difference especially coming back in to the Stadium down the A33. Any extra support you can get at this point will go a long way!

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